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    Overview   Process  

    Reading the brief, listening to what the project manager has to say and deciding that the pattern has to be based on plastic and sufficiently abstract geometry. It should employ the lines from the company logo, use the corporate colors and preferably maintain the same ratio of line width to gap width. It shouldn’t be too trendy, rather classic, not dull, but lively, dynamic and simple.

    The company asks us to demonstrate the pattern on a candy box and an executive car.

    Still, we want the pattern to reflect the company’s sphere of business—money. Guilloches are what we need: they have many lines, they are nice-looking and geometric. Looking at different guilloches, moving towards simplicity. We just need to avoid creating Islamic motifs.

    alpari pattern process 01
    alpari pattern process 02

    The second direction we consider is simple geometry.

    alpari pattern process 03
    alpari pattern process 04

    Demonstrating to the client on a candy bar and a car.

    alpari pattern process 05
    alpari pattern process 06

    The guilloches remind the client of Uzbek ornaments, he wants to go with the second approach, yet make it more complex. We try to interweave the logo into the pattern, as it already has a complex curve.

    alpari pattern process 07
    alpari pattern process 08

    We braid the simple geometry in all ways possible looking for a nice rhythm.

    alpari pattern process 09
    alpari pattern process 10

    Chocolate bars.

    alpari pattern process 12


    alpari pattern process 13

    The client likes the tight geometry and asks us to level out the horizontal part of the pattern into a straight line.

    alpari pattern process 14
    alpari pattern process 15

    The result is a solid pattern which might look simple, but is very dynamic.

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