Cover design for First Steps to Financial Independence by Pavel Volkov

Task: to design a cover for a book on financial literacy.

These days it’s not enough to be just an IT professional or a musician: you also need to know how to manage money wisely. Entrepreneur Pavel Volkov describes his experience plainly and simply in his book First Steps to Financial Independence, the design and illustrations for which were created in the studio.

volkov 01

The cover is inhabited by friendly little men who amusingly act out the formula for financial success. The bright, contrasting cover instantly attracts attention, urging to pick up the book and put the new knowledge into practice.

volkov 02
volkov 03

Klava, the character we came up with, is a brave girl with a sincere desire to become a real investor. She guides the reader through the chapters, explains how assets work, reveals the meaning of frightening abbreviations and vague concepts.

volkov 04

The author invites the reader to engage in reflection right on the pages of the book. For this purpose, studio designers came up with spacious margins, useful interactive activities and cute checklists.

volkov 05
volkov 06

The friendly atmosphere is created by the clear and open Sector and Sirius typefaces.

volkov 07

Special icons highlight illustrative examples from the lives of real people and emphasize the most important facts making information easier to perceive.

volkov 08

Pavel Volkov

Entrepreneur, investor, father.

Pavel opened his first IT company at the age of 19. At 28, together with his wife Evgeniya he created, grew and sold the Palgrich chain of sports nutrition stores in Kazakhstan. At 29 he was vice-president of Amir Group Investment Holding for a year. Pavel also developed a financial board game Cryptoinvestor and at 31 founded his own Silicon Valley startup, the social network Rinett.

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Made in 94 days
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