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    The making of the Defender of the Motherland Day poster (2016)

    • Process

    Thinking about ideas with presents that have been relevant since the dawn of humanity.

    Art director: How about we build it around protecting Motherland somehow?

    Phew... Going through all the metaphors for protection: a helmet, a shield, polystyrene, insulation, barbed wire. Stop, that’s definitely going the wrong direction. A birch tree wrapped in polystyrene? A blaster deflector shield? Rooftop, awning? How about a roof with tiles made of army shoulder loops? Birch firewood in a fire-resistant safe?

    Deciding the way it’s going to look (at least the general idea).

    Choosing the illustration, starting to draw:

    Putting it all together.

    Sending to the typesetter.

    Order a design...