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  • The making of the book shelf and "Art. Lebedev Studio books are for sale here" sticker design

    Overview   Process   Real life  

    Collecting ideas.

    A shelf talker.

    Searching for the best solution

    Getting a new idea: Ilya Mikhailov suggests using Librastats.

    Thinking how to decorate Librastats.

    Deciding to use two Librastats on each book shelf: the left one will bear our logo, and the right one—the name of the studio’s publishing house.

    The hands will mark our books on a shelf and attract customers unfamiliar with our work. Librastats can be noticed from a distance and are sure to draw attention.

    The bottom half of a Librastat with the name and logo is visible when a customer looks at a shelf from above, and the hand itself is better seen from the side.

    Deciding on this variant.

    Coming up with several sticker designs.

    Choosing the best one.

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