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    Overview   Process  

    Task: to publish a catalog of studio products for the American market.

    The catalog is prepared for the 2012 New York Gift Show and includes only products that the studio ships to the USA.

    catalog 2013 cover
    The cover

    Release date: August 10 2012


    art director
    project manager

    The catalog is addressed both to wholesale and individual customers. The most popular and newest goods are highlighted, as well as items that are open for pre-order. The information for wholesale customers includes the exact weight and dimensions of the products, location of shipment warehouses and number of units in transport packaging.

    catalog 2013 atmarkus
    Printed shopfront—beautiful and informative
    catalog 2013 chainikus
    Each product has its own page or opening
    catalog 2013 cinematografica
    Opening on Cinematografica
    catalog 2013 ice trays
    Opening on ice trays
    catalog 2013 maketikus
    Opening on Maketikus utility knife
    catalog 2013 endpapers
    The endpaper

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