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  • The making of the DJ playbill for the Big Café

    Overview   Process   Hi Res  

    A musical dessert at the studio’s café—a vinyl cake.

    als dj process 01

    Art director: OK.

    Drawing a life-sized cake.

    als dj process 02

    Making corrections, deciding to use only one color for accent.

    als dj process 03

    Designer: I’m not entirely sure, does it work? The name of the DJ has to be written on top with a white marker.

    Art director: Sure, it works. It just has to look a bit tastier and have less Pacman in it.

    Starting to draw the text.

    als dj process 04
    als dj process 05
    als dj process 06

    Clearing up and straightening out the letters, adding some decorations.

    als dj process 07

    Art director: It has to have the address, the phone number and the website URL.

    Adding the missing text.

    als dj process 08

    Putting it all together, checking out how a DJ’s name would look at the top and sending to print.

    als dj process 09

    Order a design...