Gift boxes for Art. Lebedev Studio stores

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Task: to produce gift boxes.

Beautiful, useful, and sturdy boxes will make gift wrapping and unwrapping a snap while protecting its content from accidental damage.

gift box coins
gift box russian hieroglyph
gift box pearl
gift box fish
gift box berry
gift box seeds
Patterns: “Coins & Bugs,” “Russian Hieroglyph,” “Mother-of-Pearl,” “Goldfish,” “Raspberry,” “Flies & Sunflower Seeds

The patterns adorning the gift boxes really deserve a second look—you won’t be disappointed.

gift box patterns
Six patterns for any special occasion and I-Spy fun

Release date: December 27 2012


art director
packaging designer
production managers
Small: 6.5″×6.5″×3.1″  (16.5×16.5×8 cm)
Medium: 10.8″×9.6″×3.1″  (27.5×24.5×8 cm)
Large: 18.3″×12.8″×2.5″  (46.5×32.5×6.5 cm)

The walls have magnets engineered in allowing you to instantly turn a flat sheet into a box to keep forever.

Neat & pretty universal gift box suitable for any occasion and recipient

After a receiver unboxes his gift, the box itself will serve him for many more years as a catch-all container, photo and cards storage, etc.

gift box in use
Second life

The boxes come in three most common sizes.

gift box promo

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