The making of the studio products poster

Overview• Process

Designer: Here are the first ideas.

als goods process 01

Art director: Number 1 is close.

als goods process 02

Designer: What if we make it resemble an eye chart even more?

Art director: It’s not an eye chart, so there is no reason it should resemble it. All we need is just a cool poster with no reference of any previous style.

als goods process 03

Designer: Here are three more designs. Maybe, we can include a hint of the coming New Year in the stop sign?

Art director: No, it’s weak.

als goods process 04

Designer: We can draw an imaginary store and hide studio products in the illustration.

Art director: I suggest we start with products that are the most relevant today.

Turns out it’s Vous, Rozetkus and Atmarkus.

als goods process 05

Designer: And three more options.

Art director: ...

als goods process 06
als goods process 07

Designer: The reflection can show product shelves.

Art director: OK.

Designer: The poster with the final illustration.

Art director: It lacks some sort of a powerful red background.

als goods process 08
als goods process 09
als goods process 10

Designer: Here it is in color.

Art director: Number one is OK.

als goods process 11

Designer: I've adjusted Vous (brought back the reflection of a shelf and redrew the shadow), the text (inserted in the studio's template). All is ready for printing. OK?

Art director: The shadow is shit, the perspective is shit, the Matryoshka dolls and the keyboards are in entirely different planes.

als goods process 12

Designer: I tried to fix the perspective and the shadow. Any better?

Art director: Not by much. The perspective is still weak (look at the speaker) and the shadow has only gotten worse.

Designer: I fixed the perspective and the shadow (and the composition somewhat). Ready to be printed?

als goods process 14

Art director: OK.