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    The making of the Halloween poster (2015)

    • Process

    “How about you go away with your holidays and let us rest in peace?” That’s what everybody who’s related to All Saints’ Day must feel like right before the holiday. Like Venice residents before the carnival.

    heloween 2015 process 01

    Art director: Wonderful. How about we add a “Please tidy up” door sign?

    Right, because of all the blood. Sending the sketch with the new text to the beautiful pictures factory.

    heloween 2015 process 02

    The factory returns a sample.

    heloween 2015 process 03

    We want to add more warmth: glare, shadows, uneven lamp light. And there’s not enough guts to ask for room service.

    Deciding to go back to the old sign. Anything for your “pleeease, pleeease.”"

    heloween 2015 process 04

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