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  • ALS store and café in Saint Petersburg

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    Task: to design an outlet.

    The studio’s store and café in Saint Petersburg are open daily 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and are located at 2 Ul. Zhukovskogo. Also see http://store.artlebedev.com/offline/lik-piter/.

    als lik2 01
    The door informs us that we are at the studio’s café in Saint Petersburg

    Release date: October 01 2009


    art director
    project manager
    als lik2 02
    The wall introduces the menu

    als lik2 03
    The tables boast about free Wi-Fi

    als lik2 04
    The signs help to get around

    als lik2 05
    The windows tell what’s inside

    als lik2 06
    Inside it’s nice, cozy and warm

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