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    The making of the Studio’s booth for New York Gift Fair 2012

    Overview   Process  

    Manager: Buddy, we’re going to participate in a fair in half a year and we need a booth. The sales guys aren’t going to lay goods on the floor, you know. But don’t leave it to the last moment like last time.

    Designer: No problem. I’ll just finish the current project and get down to it.

    In less than a month the first version of the design is born.

    als nyigf booth 2012 process 01

    Art director: Looks somewhat like a toy factory.

    Designer: Ok, here is the simpler version.

    als nyigf booth 2012 process 02

    Art director: What are the barrels for? And also maybe place the goods closer, not hide them in a labyrinth?

    Designer: Like so? It even has a small case for Optimus keyboards.

    als nyigf booth 2012 process 03

    Art director: Better, but still not what we need. And we won’t have such elaborate furniture.

    Manager: Holy cats, what is this? We need a simple cheap knock-down booth, ideally made from IKEA tabletops, and you’ve been drawing this for three months?!

    The designer turns red, the manager turns pale, the art director is out of town.

    The designer gets his thoughts together and comes up with another version.

    Designer: Here. Cardboard is cheap. Let’s take cardboard boxes and put tabletops on them. It’ll look fine.

    als nyigf booth 2012 process 04

    Art director: The walls should be red.

    als nyigf booth 2012 process 05

    Art director: Ok. Maybe decorate the wall with the pattern made of our products?

    Two days before the deadline we get a letter from New York saying that we can’t use the boxes due to fire safety issues.

    Replacing them with IKEA Finnward trestles.

    als nyigf booth 2012 process 06

    Order a design...