Furniture for studio’s partner stores

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Task: to design a universal set of furniture for our partners.

Apart from our own studio stores, there is an increasing number of stores operated by our partners that are located in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The name and design are unique for every store, though the choice of products and their layout are based on shared principles. To make it easier for our new and existing partners to furnish their stands at shopping malls, universal ranges of store furniture were created at the studio.

The small range is offered for smaller stands located near stairways and escalators. It includes a counter with a roll-out module that increases the surface area of the showcase, a set of drawers and a built-in chair. All the cabinets are equipped with locks.

Release date: August 29 2014


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Wall-mounted stands of medium size come with two modules: one with slat walls or shelves with vertical dividers, the other with doors or roll-out drawers. The design is supplemented by a tall table with a built-in showcase and a workplace for the sales assistant. A common bar stool can be used with the table. The main modules can be covered by a screen or a curtain, while the lower ones can be locked.

Freestanding stores can be built with the elements of the large range which can be fully covered by screens or rolling shutters. The large counter consists of top modules with shelves or slat walls and lower modules that include the workplace of the sales assistant, drawers and other structures that increase the display area.

Each range comes in four color variants and there are numerous ways to combine the elements.

Module designs and their recommended combinations come in an album that is provided to partners at no charge.

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