Tolstovkus Oversize

Tolstovkus is an oversized zippered sweatshirt. It is absolutely indispensable in everyday life: you can wrap yourself in it to go on an evening walk, to take the dog out or go out for groceries.

The three-strand diagonal fleece is warm, breathable and does not accumulate static. Tolstovkus is denser than Svitshotus, but no less soft and pleasant.

tolstovkus 3

The hanging loop is made of the same material as the decorative lining, so it does not irritate the skin.

tolstovkus 4

There are two large pockets on the inside and outside that can hold a lot of things: a phone, keys, a wallet, a couple of bottles of red, a corkscrew, a few ounces of blue cheese and a small garlic baguette.

tolstovkus 5
tolstovkus 6

There are four discreet colors to choose from: khaki (with mocha lining), graphite (with blue lining), indigo (with purple lining) and mocha (with peach lining).

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