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  • The making of the Art. Lebedev Studio Winter Café interior design

    Overview   Process  

    The designer is assigned to chalk vegetables on the walls of the new Studio café.

    To chalk vegetables? Why vegetables? Ah! Bonduelle vegetables!

    Well, perhaps they should ice-skate. It’s a skating-rink after all. And we’ll spray paint them with stencils.

    Making sketches.

    Art director: ОК.

    Drawing vegetables.

    Art director: Why do they look like they’re in pain?

    Redrawing vegetables several times until achieving the desired result.

    Now when all sketches are approved we need to pick colors, get all the necessary materials, and make a sample graffiti.

    Sticking the tape to the wall, spraying the paint, removing the tape. One more time. And one more. This exciting process attracts quite an audience.

    At the same time the type designer is working on a sign.

    Designer: Maybe make a cheery calligraphy? Nope, that doesn’t quite hit the mark.

    Or we can use Artemius and decorate the sign with typographic snowflakes.

    Drawing snowflakes.

    Art director: The type should be the same as in the Café on Nikitskaya logo.

    The second designer suggests changing the snowflakes.

    Art director asks to put old snowflakes back.

    Getting rid of colors. Done.

    Deciding to decorate the windows with stickers featuring artwork by Varvara Alyaeva created especially for our cafes. Choosing elements resembling fir trees, promising miracles and evoking the Christmas spirit.

    Illustrations turn out to be too small to be properly expanded. Vector drawing the chosen elements.

    Setting off to put stickers on windows.

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