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    Ancor March 8 gift set (2005)

    By March 8 one gets depressed by winter to the point that one wants to have as many bright objects in sight as possible, as a reminder of the dazzling spring sun.

    A funny bag with white butterflies standing among candy and chocolate boxes and bouquets will no doubt appeal to Ancor’s female friends and customers. Upon opening it, they will discover a soft peach-colored pal pillow that one may put on an office chair or a car seat, and a greeting card with warm words.

    The studio came up with the gift idea, developed the packaging, greeting card and manual design, and wrote the texts.

    Release date: March 08 2005


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Anton Shnayder
    Tatyana Devaeva
    Olga Ekaterincheva
    Evgenia Mironova

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