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Applemoon corporate identity

Problem: Design a logo for a youth fashion clothing brand featuring an apple and the Moon, and create a bunch of fun stuff

Applemoon is a new inexpensive clothing brand for young people who choose slightly extravagant style. The logo uses both applish and moonish features in a discreet manner, with no unnecessary details.

The logo is perfect for its two main purposes—it makes a nice banner and looks great as a clothing label, tag, or printed design

This apple ’n’ moon design mix can be easily incorporated into an incredible variety of souvenir products, gifts, store decor items, and other random fun stuff. There are countless ways to develop the moon phases idea and to amuse customers.

Wall-mounted clock

CD apple

Discount card

Release date: September 03 2008


artistic director
art director
technical designer
type designer

In-store sign

In-wall light switches

Sleeping mask

Decor painting (smart joke)

Smily plastic bags

Paper bags seem happy, too

Clothes and underwear hangers

Condom package

Moona Lisa

Juice glass

New version of the popular day-of-the-week panties

Plate to put on the checkout counter

Fruit sticker

Bathing of the Dappled Red Horse

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