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Askeri corporate identity

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Problem: Modernize and develop a corporate identity.

Askeri Institute of Professional Managers offers additional education to those involved in finance and reporting in companies using western business standards. There is only one way to get an Askeri diploma—you have to study hard and pass tough exams.

For this institute headed by Oleg Askeri, we redesigned their coat of arms.

Two gold bears facing each other, standing upward with their red tongues out and green apples on their heads, hold the blue shield with a silver key atop of it. Above there is a master’s cap, below there is a ribbon with the company motto “Honor and Money” in Latin

Every detail of the coat of arms—from the color of the shield to the apples—has symbolic meaning. The compact version features only main elements: the Norman shield signifying western focus, and a key of silver with the founder’s initial.

The heraldic color is noble blue, the metal is silver. The surface of the shield carries the corporate facet pattern

Both versions can be used in black and white, which creates an etching-like look.

The coat of arms remains just as noble, when produced in monochrome

Release date: October 30 2008


art director
technical designers
type designer

Once the coat of arms was done, we moved on to documents, study materials, diplomas, signage, gifts, etc.

Letterheads, business cards, folder, CD. Corporate colors are red and shades of blue

To guide Askeri students around, there are all sorts of direction boards, pointers and signs.

Educated people do use WC, too

During examination, students must have special plates with individual numbers on their desks to ensure anonimity.

And these too are shaped like the Askeri shield

We also designed lots of gifts for students.

Corporate badge

All the pens, notebooks, watches, badges and study books can conveniently fit into the Askeri case.

Case and paper bag

Apple stands for knowledge.

Everything we created for Askeri is described in a large brandbook.

Double-page spread about badges and study documents

Diploma in English

Design guidelines for study and work books

Rules for study book layout

Rules for tables

Order a design...