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    The making of the cover design for Girl in Bloom by Tatyana Tolstaya

    Overview   Process  

    The illustrator reads the book and makes sketches. Since the book is part of a series, there has to be a rectangle in the center of the cover. Starting to think.

    tolstaya3 process 01
    tolstaya3 process 02
    tolstaya3 process 03

    Out of the three sketches the art director chooses the first one. Showing to the client. The client approves.

    Making an unfolding, a colored draft (per request of the client, all books of the series have to be of different color so as not to blend together on the shelf).

    tolstaya3 process 04

    Cutting out, constructing, gluing. Making a chandelier, some of the furniture and other details based on photographs of Tatyana Tolsaya’s Saint Petersburg apartment.

    tolstaya3 process 05
    tolstaya3 process 06
    tolstaya3 process 07
    tolstaya3 process 08
    tolstaya3 process 09
    tolstaya3 process 10
    tolstaya3 process 11
    tolstaya3 process 12
    tolstaya3 process 13

    Getting ready for a photo shoot.

    tolstaya3 process 14

    The illustrator uses Photoshop to place photographs submitted by the author into the frames on the wall. Inserting the dreamy reflection into the mirror.

    tolstaya3 process 15

    Showing to the client who approves the illustration. Moving on to calligraphy and typesetting.

    After some warming up, the calligrapher writes the title of the book making the Д more airy and the в and the у more sprawling. He then scans the result, retouches it and gives to the typesetter to try.

    tolstaya3 process 16

    The typesetter assembles the mock-up.

    tolstaya3 process 17

    The quote is lengthy and the fine Antiqua typeface dissolves in the wallpaper texture, especially in the darker areas. Deciding to make the lettering slightly larger.

    tolstaya3 process 18

    Showing the mock-up to the illustrator: should we remove only the frame or the lamp too in order to fit the text in more freely?

    tolstaya3 process 19
    tolstaya3 process 20

    The illustrator removes the frame and the gilded angel from the wall. Typing the text in a larger point size and placing it nicely in the freed up place. The client says that we need to replace the publishing house logo with a new one, add an age restriction sign and a note about coarse language in the book. The art director asks the calligrapher to smoothen the strokes and loops in the letters. The editor recommends changing hyphenation of certain words.

    tolstaya3 process 21

    The typesetter takes all the comments into account and shows the mock-up to the art director, “Can we print it?”

    tolstaya3 process 22

    Art director: No. The girl’s face became silly and too detailed. It needs to be redrawn.

    The illustration goes back to the illustrator for improvement.

    Making the first attempt.

    tolstaya3 process 23

    The art director does not approve. The facial expression looks too silly and simple. Also, the curls on the temples need to go.

    Thinking some more.

    tolstaya3 process 24

    Nope. Continuing.

    tolstaya3 process 25

    Still not there. The illustrator makes sketches to determine the character and expression of the face that the art director wants to see.

    tolstaya3 process 26

    The art director chooses numbers 4 and 6. Taking the comments into account and finalizing.

    tolstaya3 process 27

    Making the final decision about the face and clearing up some space for the quote.

    tolstaya3 process 28

    The mirror tells the truth: our girl is now the fairest of them all. —"Can we print it?" —"OK."

    tolstaya3 process 29

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