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  • The making of the cover design for Felt Age by Tatyana Tolstaya

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    The illustrator sends sketches.

    tolstaya4 process 01
    tolstaya4 process 02
    tolstaya4 process 03

    Art director: Number 3 looks interesting.

    Illustrator: I’ve worked on it some more, the previous version seemed a bit empty. The top of the hourglass is the Golden Age, the bottom is the Felt Age and everything around it is today (the girl with wheat is the sculpture from the fountain).

    The art director approves. Showing the sketch to the author.

    The author asks to change the representation of the Soviet era at the bottom of the hourglass: “It’s better without the Kremlin, it evokes other associations. Better have it with newly-built houses, lines and maybe some empty crates.”

    tolstaya4 process 04

    The artist redraws the illustration. In the front is a schoolgirl with a bag and some boxes. At the background is a line to Eliseevsky store.

    tolstaya4 process 05

    Everything is approved, starting to realize the sketch.

    Taking photographs of the foreground: the fountain and the bench, then the clock and the background: the forest and the houses. Making separate photos of the subjects from the top and the bottom of the hourglass.

    tolstaya4 process 06
    tolstaya4 process 07
    tolstaya4 process 08
    tolstaya4 process 09
    tolstaya4 process 10
    tolstaya4 process 11
    tolstaya4 process 12
    tolstaya4 process 14

    Sending for retouching. The illustrator combines the layers, matches them, adds glare on the hourglass and shadows.

    tolstaya4 process 15
    tolstaya4 process 16
    tolstaya4 process 17

    Now we just need the title calligraphy. The calligrapher looks at the covers of the previous books in the series, recalls art director’s notes, goes through old drafts, warms up and quickly fills a sheet of paper.

    tolstaya4 process 18
    tolstaya4 process 19
    tolstaya4 process 20

    The chief typesetter suggests to make sure the text matches the illustration better. The calligrapher makes the lines slightly denser, adds some new strokes and sends the result to the art director.

    tolstaya4 process 21

    Art director: Both letters В are poor and make reading difficult.

    The calligrapher removes the strokes, makes the lowercase в straighter and replaces the uppercase В together with all the letters о.

    tolstaya4 process 22

    Art director: OK.

    To the press.

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