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Reserved manner and laconism can be characteristic of both a good lawyer and his personal website.

Pavel Astakhov's website

Here you will find nothing—no redundant navigation, no guest book, no chat, no photogallery, no site map, no print version, no price list, no virtual cards, no online games, no flash movies, no interactive surveys, no resource for bulk sellers, no news coverage, no ringtones, no analytics, no e-store, no subsribtions, no archived materials, no annual report, no tournament tables, no charts, no list of clients, no driving directions, no standard contract form, no cooking recipes, no poems, no jokes, no famous quotes, no FAQ, no sewing patterns, no large-diameter tube descriptions—that would distract the purpose.

Release date: September 16 2002


art director & designer

Typeface: Arial

Only legal software was used in this project

Website operated under Linux using Apache

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