Audi website

[The work is in the museum]

This website for an established car maker took three months to construct. It is well structured and full of useful information.

The resource is clear-cut and perfectly easy to navigate, has attractive details and loads notable fast.

It tells Audi’s history, demonstrates its automobiles and intorduces the company’s new develpments.

Designed in conformity with Audi’s corporate identity guidelines, the site is adapted to the Russian context and conditions, stain proof and environmentally friendly.

Release date: December 07 2000


art director
Artemy Lebedev
designer & animator
Oleg Paschenko
technical designer
Maksim Kosyakov
3D modeler
Aleksey Solovev
Andreyka Lechev
Petr Timofeev
Tanya Grigoreva
Andrey Voronkov
Olga Kulikova
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