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Su-27SKM airplane paper model

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Task: to produce a paper model of an airplane.

The paper model of the Su-27SKM airplane for self-assembly is as accurate as it can possibly be.

su 27
Su-27SKM is an extended range fighter jet with mid-air refueling capabilities, satellite navigation, enhanced avionics and advanced armament

The included cutouts are of high quality and accuracy, yet the elegance of the final result directly depends on patience and diligence during assembly.

listi 720
Fun is guaranteed even for seasoned model makers

The model is made of paper in 1:33 scale. The album contains drawings and cutouts, 21 A3-sized sheets (1065 pieces) in total.


art director
Artemy Lebedev
designer and constructor
Dmitry Udalov
packaging designers
Evgeny Zorin
Roma Khokhlov
Katerina Andreeva
production manager
Karina Ratiani

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