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Avtoreal ranks among the leading automobile sales centers in Moscow.

The site was designed with great care. All the details are polished. Fasten your seatbelts before visiting—it is a breath-taking experience.

It features a navigation glove compartment where you can find whatever you are looking for (well, you won’t find just anything—there is a list of items that Avtoreal does not sell)

Avtoreal takes pleasure in selling VAZ automobiles—a detailed catalog can be found on the website. It will only take you a few minutes to order a car—select the model you fancy, choose color and modification, specify addional accessories, provide your contact information and press the button. By the way, if you are able to select a green VAZ-2106, it means Avtoreal does have it for sale, because they wouldn’t offer you what is currenly unavailable.

You are welcome to learn about technical charactiristics and prices, car loans, registration formalities, tuning and car accessories, warranty and after-warranty services, and availability of spare part.

Глобус сайта
There is no website map—there is a globe instead

Release date: September 25 2002


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