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Azimut 2000 series radio transceiver

Task: Develop body design and hardware interface for a radio transceiver.

2000 series radio equipment is designed for wireless land-to-land and land-to-air communication. Azimut may be used as a part of the radio-TV complex or as an independent transceiver.

Azimut transceiver can operate on different frequencies chosen by the panel pushbutton or with the remote control. The equipment allows staff to modify frequency spectrum, reset nominal frequency and reassign pre-selected channels, control offset frequency and modulation.

The transceiver has a detachable front panel and a clasp for controlling the tunable resonant cavity when operated as a part of an automatic transceiving station. Radiated power may be varied from 5 to 50 W (by 1 W).

Release date: January 26 2006


art director
interface developer

The transmitter and the transceiver have  similar design

A plug in place of detachable control panel

The transceiver’s body is 19 inches wide and well serves its purpose with easy access to all parts and controls.

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