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The making of Alphabbet for Baby Club

• Process

Baby Club needs an entire alphabet in the style of their existing logos.

The first sketches.

Art director: We shouldn’t be using any of the Western heroes. Let’s use the letters to write something. This would allow us to see how they work together from the very beginning.

The second set of sketches.

Art director: I don’t like the teepee. The stubble is a no go.

The third set.

The fourth set.

Art director: Want a bet the rainbow won’t make it to the end?

The fifth set.

Art director: I don’t really like the Ю.

Designer: I’ve hit a block with the Ю. The only words I know that start with Ю are teepee, whipping top, skirt and south.

Art director: Also, deck boy and lawyer.

Designer: Deck boy, yeah!

The sixth set of sketches.

The seventh set.

The rainbow doesn’t make it.

The sketches are approved.


In Baby Club’s logo the angel is white. However, in a longer text it would create a white optic hole.

Suggesting to paint or dress the angel.

The client likes all three ideas.

Well, let there be all three!

Order a design...