Born With Personality by Yevgenia Belonoschenko

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 Chapter “The Listening Type” (in Russian, PDF, 400 KB)

Task: to design a book.

Born With Personality describes in simple terms the theory behind the physiological approach to understanding human personalities. The author tells us how personality types are related to physiological factors and depend on body characteristics of the individual. The studio designed the book layout and prepared it for print.

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Book cover
I want to be yours

Born With Personality (In Russian)

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Release date: September 04 2013


art director
type designer
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Typeface: Fly
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Title page

The book contains special tests—found on colorful pages—which help parents determine the type of child’s personality.

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Page spread with a test

The book targets a wide audience, but especially the parents who want to have better understanding and communication with their children.

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Pages 154-155

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