I Am Not Mute by Sonya Shatalova

Overview   Process  

Task: to design a book.

I Am Not Mute is a collection of poems, tales, aphorisms and other works by Sonya Shatalova, an autistic girl who cannot communicate with people in conventional ways but has a unique talent of expressing her thoughts and feelings on paper. The text matter, endpaper pattern and the cover were designed and typeset at the studio.

baby club shatalova cover
The cover

Release date: July 14 2015


art director
chief typesetter
project manager
Typefaces: Fly and Bingley
baby club shatalova title
Title opening

baby club shatalova watercolor
Each section starts with a watercolor by the author

baby club shatalova 20 21
Opening with poems

baby club shatalova 150 151
Opening with aphoristic word definitions

baby club shatalova endpaper
The endpaper

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