The making of the Bazar Dobra children’s fair logo

Overview• Process

Client: Bazar Dobra (Second life of children’s clothes) is a periodic five-day fair for parents who want to sell unnecessary children’s clothes. The first fair in Moscow is planned for September 2017. The company will earn a profit by taking a commission from sales. The website is being developed.

Our wishes: the logo should be stylish, modern, attractive, trendy. The thing is, the name Bazar Dobra (Kindness Fair, in English) suggests a certain level of tenderness and social orientation, we would like to distance ourselves from that.

Designer: 1. My association for a fair is lollipops. I decided to combine a lollipop with a hobby horse. 2. Simply played with the letters.

bazar dobra process 01

Art director: There’s no food at that fair, so there shouldn’t be a lollipop either. Number 2 is closer to a logo but has nothing about children. Plus, зар isn’t really legible.

Second designer: I’ve got this right now:
1) balloons made of children’s clothes;
2) paper cutout clothes like we had when we were kids (you can dress a paper doll in different clothes by attaching them with paper clips);
3) letters on a clothes line.

bazar dobra process 02

Art director: Number 3 is sort of OK, but the idea of Express Design is that we can make crazy cool logos and the client can’t say no.

Designer: I still want to use the horse. Sketches.

bazar dobra process 03

Art director: Doesn’t thrill me right now.

Designer: A new life.

bazar dobra process 04

Art director: Maybe, dress the dino in children’s clothes: shorts, a shirt? And make the eye less epileptic.

Designer: Something like this.

bazar dobra process 05

Art director: The top right one is nice. We can even make a construction kit for them: a set of shirts, t-shirts, pants, skirts and hats. Let them decorate the dinosaur as they see fit.

Designer: Costumes.

bazar dobra process 06

Art director: Let’s fill these shapes with color, white and others.

bazar dobra process 07

Art director: Try simply white. This yellow makes it look like grandma underpants.

Designer: Like this?

bazar dobra process 08

Art director: That’s more like it. Make the shorts completely white.

bazar dobra process 09

Art director: Why are the clothes so tight now? They used to be more baggy, it looked better. White pants look like a diaper. The skirt is better.

Designer: How about some transparency?

bazar dobra process 10

Art director: No, this looks like gauze. Just make it plain white.

Designer: Tried to make the back smaller and the leg longer.

bazar dobra process 11

Art director: Make the top white and the bottom orange or blue. It doesn’t have to resemble a diaper.

Designer: Here.

bazar dobra process 12

Art director: 3 is OK but make the pattern on the t-shirt more grown-up like. Maybe with stripes.

Designer: Colored all of them, made colors a bit brighter.

bazar dobra process 13

Art director: Yep, all look good.

Designer: The sailor lost his pants, here’s the way he should be.

bazar dobra process 14