BCC corporate identity

Overview   Process  

Problem: Design new corporate identity for a company providing complex business solutions.

BCC company works with communication services, banks, industrial and transport enterprises, international corporations and other large commercial businesses. It delivers a wide range of complex information, telecommunication, consulting and engineering solutions.


The corporate identity package developed for BCC, including its divisions and subsidiaries, allows to present business to clients in the highest quality manner.

The logo we designed carries many relevant meanings—it resembles a trampoline, horizon line, roadway, arrow pointer. Some might also say it resembles an airplane.

Divisions and subsidiaries logos feature different color arrows

Release date: October 03 2008


art director
technical designer

Corporate documents have strict geometric, but brightly colored design.

Folder, envelopes and CD

Logo use guidelines and document design recommendations are provided in the brandbook.

Stillife with BCC business cards, letterheads and brandbook flyleaf

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