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  • The making of the Bdbd.ru website layouts

    Overview   Process  

    Discussing the aims of the redesign with the client. Defining the target audience. Characterizing the types of visitors, their aims and usage scenarios.

    bdbd process 01

    Further detailing the structure.

    bdbd process 02

    Assembling an interactive prototype.

    bdbd process 03

    Making the first attempt at the design. Looking for the mood, metaphors and narrative style.

    bdbd process 04

    Art director: No, it comes out too flat and too boring.

    Rectifying the situation, looking for solution among the modern parallax effects and other trends.

    bdbd process 05

    Art director: Now it comes out too hip.

    Trying a few graphic moves.

    bdbd process 06

    Art director: Still not quite right.

    Together with the art director inventing the destiny concept.

    bdbd process 07

    Fleshing it out.

    bdbd process 08

    Receiving detailed instructions from the art director.

    bdbd process 09

    One step closer.

    bdbd process 10

    Now the pictures.

    bdbd process 11

    Asking the designer to draw the illustrations.

    bdbd process 12

    The client does not approve the result. Looking further.

    And finding it!

    bdbd process 13

    Making final touches to the layouts while the designer works on graphics.

    bdbd process 14

    Receiving and approving the illustrations. Trying them on pages.

    bdbd process 15

    Simultaneously deciding on the pictures for inner sections of the website. Finishing the drawings, making metaphoric icons for services.

    bdbd process 16

    Inserting the graphics into layouts, implementing client’s comments, finalizing, cleaning up.

    bdbd process 17

    Preparing the announcement.

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