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    Task: to develop a construction kit for creating plan packages.

    Beeline Ideal Office was created specifically for small and medium businesses. Owners and employees of companies can use this section of the Beeline website to specify parameters of their organization: business area, office types, employee categories, communication methods, etc. and instantly receive relevant offers.

    Selecting an element adds a new animated detail to the banner

    Packages are prepared individually for each client and are based on Beeline’s extensive experience and analysis of the client’s business processes. Packages include mobile and landline plans, devices and cloud services. All that customers have to do is purchase the package. The final price is shown on the receipt.

    Release date: May 18 2015


    art director
    technical designer
    project manager

    From Beeline:

    interface designer
    project managers
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    When a checkbox is unchecked, the name of a service is struck out and the total price is adjusted. Useful services not in the list are shown in the Additional Services block

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