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Beeline website My Account section layouts

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Task: to design account pages layouts for the Beeline website.

In My Account section on the Beeline website, clients can manage their numbers and link other users’ numbers to their account. On the main page, a user gets complete information about the balance, overdraft, bills, etc.

beeline my main simple2
beeline my main advance2
Main page for users with one or several phone numbers

In plan management section, a user can view the current service plan and change it.

beeline my rate2
List of service plans

Services section allows users to reduce cell phone costs by adding or removing optional services.

beeline my service2
Enabling and disabling optional services

Users can access information on bills and payments and compare it.

beeline my compare2
Comparing bills

Release date: April 22 2013


art director
secret adviser
interface developer
project managers

From Beeline:

interface developer
project manager

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