Beeline single web environment

• Overview

Task: to make purchasing and managing products easier.

Release date: March 02 2016

To make selecting and managing plans more convenient and ordering services easier, a web environment integrating Beeline’s main website with personal account pages for mobile and home services was created at the studio.

Personal catalog

Customers can see their current plans and compare them with other plans from the catalog
Pages contain tips based on current expenses and recommendations that help to save
Parameters are gathered in a combined card. This makes differences between prepaid and postpaid plans of the same group easily visible

All Beeline mobile and home products can be activated and set up right on the main website without going to the personal account page.

Changing a plan
Changing a plan

Family phone numbers can be enabled directly on the plan page in the catalog. Remaining data, minutes and messages are also displayed here.

Additional gigabytes can be purchased on the spot

Users don’t need to memorize contract numbers and passwords to all their accounts. After a one-time authorization on the website, all products will be displayed regardless of the number of active accounts.

Switching between mobile numbers can be done from any page

The mobile services account page still contains information about account balance, a list of enabled services and recent expenses. The home services account page however was thoroughly updated.

Detailed information about home Internet and TV

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