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    Overview   Process  

    Designing a YouTube page that is later turned down because of the service restrictions.

    beeline process 10

    First idea for a Facebook page.

    beeline process 11

    Getting a new objective: to create a unified visual identity for all networks. Studying each network’s features and figuring out how to design all company pages in one style. Let it be a signature pattern.

    Drawing a collection of icons.

    beeline process 01

    Making a pattern.

    beeline process 02

    Starting with Facebook as the most flexible network. Thinking about the starting page. Apart from the navigation, making a large clickable Like button. Trying different approaches.

    A Like made of icons:

    beeline process 03

    In the style of Milton Glaser:

    beeline process 04

    The button version:

    beeline process 05

    Bringing in an illustrator to design the pattern. Coming up with an idea to leave only one element—a bubble—and make it bigger. Looks good, leaving it.

    beeline process 06

    Apart from the pattern with large bubbles, making a version with small bubbles to use it as a background for banners, menus and other functional elements.

    Abandoning the idea with the Like button and replacing it with a counter with an arrow. Putting menu items into bubbles.

    beeline process 07

    Applying the design to other networks pages.

    beeline process 08

    Making an alternative animated background for the Google+ page.

    beeline process 09

    Drawing out the rest of the icons for Facebook and Vkontatke, checking the typesetting of all pages, writing a social media corporate identity guide.

    beeline process 12
    beeline process 13
    beeline process 14
    beeline process 15

    Order a design...