Beringia national park logo

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Task: to develop a logo for an environmental park.

Beringia is a national park on the Chukchi Peninsula. It is Russia’s easternmost conservation area known for its unique flora and fauna, diverse landscapes, traces of ancient geological processes and valuable archaeological finds. Cultural heritage objects of the Chukchi and the Eskimo were preserved in Beringia including Whale Bone Alley which features carefully arranged whale skulls and was a site of shamanistic rituals. A logo for the park reflecting the diverse nature of Beringia was created at the studio.

beringia logo ru
beringia logo en
Russian and English versions

The logo combines a whale’s tail with elements inspired by Whale Bone Alley to symbolize the cultural and natural wealth of Beringia. The logo also hints at a mountain reminding of the park’s landscape. The shape of the sign resembles of the traditional Chukchi and Eskimo dwellings and emphasizes ethnographic features of the territory.

Release date: March 12 2015


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type designer
project manager

beringia logo horizontal
Horizontal versions of the logo

beringia logo pano

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