We draw illustrations for books, magazines, posters, covers and any other carriers. We cooperate with chief editors, photo editors and art directors of major publishing houses, providing illustrative materials for one-off projects or periodicals.

Oleg Pashchenko

Yana Moskalyuk

Yana Frank

Yana Klink

Lyudmila Dvoinova

Serge Maximov

Dominik Heilig

Eduard Katykhin

Oleg Tischenkov

Dmitry Choibolsan

It would be strange if, apart from staff illustrators, we didn’t work with freelancers. For the latter we act as an agent or an art manager.

Contact Natasha Klimuk ( who works for the Studio as head of the illustration department if there’s somebody on your mind you wish to ask to draw a nice picture.

See also our daily published illustrations in the Portfolio section

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