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to create a logo for language courses.

Bibligon offers foreign language courses made of thirty lessons. The authors assure they have developed a method for natural learning of foreign languages: all you need to do is listen to audio recordings, you don’t need to write anything down or learn by heart since “language is a skill, not knowledge.”

The authors promise that after a three-month course you will have a well-developed speaking ability, knowledge of grammar and a vocabulary of almost a thousand words.


The logo combines various educational symbols.

The letter B looks like a book. The window at the bottom of the letter is a metaphor for foreign languages rushing into the student’s life and together with all the exciting events and contacts that they bring.

bibligon city

Elements of the logo can be used in advertising materials. Book backs can become anything, from a city to a seaside hotel.

bibligon table

The logo works especially well as a mobile app icon.

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