Black & Brown Café logo

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Problem: Make a yummy logo for a café.

Black & Brown is the name of cafés, opening soon. They are going to offer sushi, cheesecakes, rolls, tea, coffee, breakfasts, cocktails, Caesar salad, ice cream and pastries, and other city life food. Instead of making just one logo, we developed the idea of using many different irregular-shaped pieces. This allows to create various interesting designs for brand materials, tableware and everything else.

Delicious-looking logo

It’s all like real food.

More logos, as well recognizable thanks to the shape, lettering and a single color feature

The design not only makes a nice signboard, but looks perfectly fine on cups and plates.

Brand cup

Brand plate

The logo, as well as the name, does not tie the café to any certain cuisine.

Ready to eat use

Release date: October 23 2009


artistic director
art director
type designer

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