Bloknotus inspirational notepad

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Problem: Design a tool for generating ideas.

Bloknotus is a thick notepad with random images drawn on its every page—there are all sorts of objects, symbols, shapes and designs. It works like this: You open any page, what is meant for you meets your eye, and you start doodling bursting with ideas.

300 pages of inspiration

Release date: September 24 2008


art director
more illustrators
production manager

Anton Schnaider

I like people to figure out what to do with things on their own. But sometimes complex concepts must be explained directly—what exactly is what—otherwise people’d be stuck not getting the idea, not ready to buy it. Here’s how it works: when using Bloknotus you boost your imaginative thinking flow and find the right solution through tons of associations between random objects and their qualities. The right idea can spart from comparing different properties of things with your purposes, through drawing parallels, through similarities and dissimilarities, through borrowed meanings and exaggerations. Bloknotus contains thousands of thinly drawn popular visual symbols (we made sure to select the most meaningful ones) and each of them has many attributes—appearance, meaning, dimensions, degree of importance to you and to humanity in general, complexity, connections with the world and the person, emotions it evokes, etc.—all there to encourage one’s creativity.»

All drawings were made specifically for Bloknotus, it’s our principle to use no clipart

In case of creative jackpot, you can always use blank pages on the left

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