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[The project is in the museum]

The right site available in Russian and English.

Enter the site to find out that you crave a glass of Bochkarev

It is designed with great care and affection for the amber drink. Every section, every image and cutline tell you how wonderful it is. With all the green bottle glass, beer caps here and there, white foam rolling over the side and small drops running down the glass the site is really inviting.

Bochkarev’s news cover festive events featuring the right beer

There is a catalog presenting all sorts of Bochkarev beer and an&nbps;informative section full of beer related facts. Visitors are also offered a list of links to e-stores selling the right beer.

This website took several months to complete. During this time we took a strong liking of it spending nice evenings discussing the concept details over a glass of non-alcohol Bochkarev.

Vasily Kandinsky. Composition with a Bochkarev beer bottle

The site features dozens of specially made photographs.

Ordered by Bravo International.

Release date: April 02 2002


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