Brusnika information materials design guide

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to develop a design guide for information materials.

Brusnika is a development company that constructs multiapartment buildings and residential complexes in Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and other Russian cities. A comprehensive guide on creating and designing information and advertising materials presenting the company’s projects was developed at the studio.

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The example of one of Brusnika’s residential complexes was used to develop the principles of writing a story about the project and determine the volume of its semantic parts. The recommendations aim to create a holistic view and vivid impressions of the property.

In addition to advice on preparing and presenting information, the guide includes detailed recommendations on laying out printed materials and incorporating graphic content. The section on illustrations and photographs contains information on choosing and retouching images and provides examples of successful composition and the best camera angles for photographing buildings.

brusnika graphics1 2
Bad: front part of the building is shown, the second building is blocked
Preferred angle
The example on the left shows primarily the front part of the building, the second building is blocked. An acceptable shot is shown in the middle, yet the example on the right is preferable

brusnika graphics2 3
Lens angle is too wide
Preferred angle
Vertical lines have vanishing points
Correct angle for shooting from a distance
In the first example the use of a wide-angle lens distorted the proportions of the building, in the third example the vertical lines have vanishing points. The second and the fourth examples demonstrate correct perspective when shooting buildings up close and from a distance

A separate section is dedicated to working with typefaces and typography.

A special graphic style was created for floor plans.

Rooms are painted in different colors and have furniture to make their dimensions more clear

brusnika typography3

The guide includes lexical and stylistic advice on writing, rules for text presentation and a list of helpful reference books and resources.

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