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    The making of the Stereoaddress promo website

    Overview• Process

    3D cadastral passports that will be stored in a single place in the cloud were designed at the studio. This place in the cloud is called Stereoaddress. While the work on the storage platform is under way, we decide to launch a promotional website to introduce the new format.

    Estimating work directions and showing to the art director.

    stereoadres promo process 01

    The art director chooses some of the designs. Combining them into one and starting to develop. We begin by telling about everything Stereoaddress is capable of doing.

    stereoadres promo process 02

    However, part of the functionality will only appear in the future and it’s too early to introduce it. Deciding to shorten the promo page.

    stereoadres promo process 03

    Right now the narrative isn’t worked out too well. The art director suggests to switch the blocks around.

    —It’s a Stereoaddress (with one S in Russian). Makes buying convenient.
    —While there’s no apartment, we build a model using project plans.
    —Photographing the surroundings with a drone at the apartment height.
    —Users can walk around the apartment, look out the windows (sic!).
    —Once the apartment is built, it’s measured with a laser.
    —This precise data allows us to do lots of things which we keep secret for now.

    Switching the blocks around, getting rid of the extra S.

    stereoadres promo process 04

    The narrative is chaotic. Asking the editor for help. Getting the text back and retypesetting the page.

    stereoadres promo process 05

    Realizing that right now the page does not make the purpose of the project clear. We need to make sure a user can understand what it’s about without any scrolling. Making another attempt.

    Going around the studio and asking fellow coworkers not familiar with the project to read the first screen and then describe the project in their own words. After each retelling, we make alteration to the text on the promo page. Going through four iterations before the retellings start to accurately convey the essence of the project.

    stereoadres promo process 06

    Typesetting the page and showing to the art director.

    stereoadres promo process 07

    Looks fragmented right now, lots of small illustrations and boring text. Deciding to approach it differently. Drawing a nice illustration and shortening the information about the project to three paragraphs.

    stereoadres promo process 08

    Better. But the picture doesn’t match the text. First, the data is uploaded into the cloud and then onto a laptop or a phone. Plus, the device screens need to have an apartment on them. Making a quick sketch.

    stereoadres promo process 09

    Art director: OK.

    Reassembling the page.

    stereoadres promo process 10

    Planning to add a video to the Stereoaddress at the Start of Construction section. Then scrolling the page will demonstrate change in lighting during the day.

    stereoadres promo process 11

    Completing the first test render, running out of time, dropping the idea and replacing the video with a JPEG.

    Adding a girl to the virtual reality section.

    stereoadres promo process 12

    Giving the illustrations to the technical designer. Sending the final mock-up for typesetting.