The making of the Bureau of Technical Solutions logo

Overview• Process

Client: We are young and developing technical directors in the sphere of event technical support. Recently we have parted a large company to start our own little enterprise in the world of event industry. Our company started working on October 16 and we are already working on our first events.

We have a pretty loud name: Bureau of Technical Solutions, although we don’t want to tie to the abbreviation in our logo or identity. We work on technical organization of political, economic and other business events: from developing the initial concept to its complete implementation. Preparing visualizations, technical development of the project, choosing the necessary equipment, writing the specifications (light, sound, video, simultaneous translation, broadcasting, etc.), leading the project from beginning to end.

The logo and corporate identity of our company should broadcast our main principle: impeccable quality of organizing events of any level.

First designer: I tried to make a “technical” logo using the English name of the company.

bts process 01

Art director: And where is the “impeccable quality of organizing events of any level?”

First designer: 9–11. Played with the Russian abbreviation. 12. A projector.

bts process 02

Art director: I’m not excited yet.

First designer: Searched some more. 26–28. A flying projectile (or a bullet).

bts process 03

Art director: 15 is OK.

bts process 04

Art director: ОК.

Second designer:

bts process 05

Art director: 1 and 12.1 are OK. Let’s work with them.

Second designer: Should I improve the logos or work on the identity?

Art director: Both. Combine the two ideas.

Art director: And also try to position the elements in isometric projection.

Second designer: OK!

bts process 06

Third designer: 1. Speaker of the highest level.
2. Broadcasting for the entire audience.
3. High level.

bts process 07

Art director: 1—banal. 2—a UFO abducting a cow. 3—a coffin with a bow tie.

We need to find a way to combine Anton’s idea 15a and Albina’s 4.1 or 5.11.

bts process 08

Art director: 4.2 is great.

Second designer: Should we go with it? Start thinking about the identity?

Art director: Yep.

Second designer: The Cyrillic version.

bts process 09

Art director: OK.