The making of the cover design for Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown

Overview• Process

The illustrator sends a sketch.

ellis brown process 01

In the middle of a city, a business center, is a rapidly growing businessman in a torn suit (similar to how Hulk’s pants turn into shorts when he grows), tiny people are watching from below. As for the back cover, we want to draw buildings standing on a hand while another hand is pulling one of the buildings up.

Showing to the client.

Client: This is a book about business, it’s hardly a place for torn clothes.

The sketch of the main illustration is ready, quickly inserting it into the cover mock-up. As for the back, we still have no text and no illustration. So we add the text from the previous book to show the illustrator how much space remains for the picture. Sending a rough mock-up to the designer Friday night.

ellis brown process 02

On Monday all pictures are ready and the text for the back is written. The main question is: how to type the title of the book: with the publishing house’s traditional typeface (Story) or a display Zheldor? The art director instructs not to change the style.

ellis brown process 03

The client asks to paint the title red, add glossy lacquer and hot stamping. The editor trims the text to make the illustration on the back larger.

ellis brown process 04
ellis brown process 05

Showing the cover to the art director, then to the client. Everyone is happy. To the print!

The print shop asks to make the lacquer mask less detailed. Complying with a sigh, now the book is definitely going to the press.