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  • The making of the cover design for Itihasa. The Great Spirits. Volume two by Vladimir Kazangap


    Drawing the sketch and getting it approved.

    Working carefully on all the details trying different background colors.

    The typesetter asks to increase the margins.

    The illustration is ready, all that’s left is to typeset a cover that would be in the spirit of the cover of the first volume. The client asks to find a more “interesting” typeface for the title.

    Assembling the cover in the same style as the previous book to see what the client wants to move away from. Also looking for a suitable studio typeface for the title.

    Deciding not to cut the beams and let them fly out of the cover, it’s an e-book after all. The studio typeface Tongyin looks best, but maybe we can try something more runic? Going through all the faces, making screenshots of the title text and trying it on the cover.

    Nope, it has to be Tongyin. Getting the art director’s approval and sending the cover to the client.

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