The making of the cover design for Improve Your People Skills by Patrick King

Overview• Process

Understanding the task and showing the first drafts.

king process 01
king process 02

Client: A bouquet of ears is OK, it looks fun.

Starting to work on the final drawing and showing the result to the client.

king process 03

Redrawing the character’s fingers per the client’s request.

king process 04

Getting the final OK from the client and sending the final version for typesetting.

The typesetter quickly puts together a cover based on the standard template of the publishing house, discusses the details with the chief typesetter and sends the result to the art director.

king process 05

The art director approves the mock-up.

Working on the lacquer layer, the embossing outline, sending the text to the editor, then to the art director for approval and finally preparing the mock-up for printing.