The making of the cover design for The Best Team Wins by Adam Robinson

Overview• Process

The illustrator draws the first sketch with businessmen collectively controlling a robot that places a flag with the victory sign.

robinson process 01

The next day the illustrator sends in another design: a many-armed and many-legged statue of a businessman similar to a Roman triumpher.

robinson process 02

Discussing the ideas and deciding that it would be great to put the statue on the front cover and the robot on the back and that both drawings should be in the same style.

Getting the art director’s approval and sending the idea to the client asking to choose the style of the cover illustration, 2D or 3D.

The client chooses 3D.

Taking the sketches and creating a mock-up of the cover, searching for dimensions of all elements. We want to make the majestic golden figurine looks large, impressive and royal, yet to prevent it from overshadowing the book’s title. The pedestal looks excessive, we need to cut it a bit. Sending a mock-up to the illustrator asking to make the pedestal lighter.

robinson process 03
robinson process 04
robinson process 05

Receiving the final images. The idol on the title is now placed perfectly, but the robot with the brains on the back just doesn’t look right: it’s too detailed and doesn’t match the idol well. Making the decision to remove the robot altogether, especially since that now we have the text above it that was proofread by the editor. Replacing the robot with a decorative quotation mark to put an emphasis on the expert’s review of the book. Between the French and English quotation marks we choose French and color them in gold, similar to the book’s title on the front cover and the spine. Pure beauty!

robinson process 06
robinson process 07
robinson process 08

Showing the cover to the art director first, then to the client. Everyone is happy, sending it to be printed.