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  • The making of the cover for The Killer by Tom Wood

    Overview   Process  

    The illustrator reads a book and writes out some phrases that can come in useful.

    Making sketches.

    The art director approves all sketches. Presenting them to the client.

    Client: They are all cool, but the real choice is between the second and sixth. I opt for the second. And we need to think about the background—either make it blue or warm-colored or maybe aggressively red.

    Working on the sketch, drawing the pattern for the background, making blood splashes with available liquids.

    Facing a difficult choice when it comes to selecting the color.

    The illustration is ready, getting down to typesetting.

    The typesetter makes a sketch of the cover.

    The illustrator sends the approved cover to the typesetter.

    Art director: The front is OK. The type on the spine should be larger. The back is too illegible and boring.

    Brushing up the text, getting rid of one paragraph, making the type larger and arranging the text more creatively, as the front cover suggests. Showing it to the art director.

    Art director: No, it should be a brick of text. And make the type on the spine even larger.

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