Cadbury intranet module

The purpose of creating an intranet module for Cadbury, one of the world’s leading chocolate makers, is to offer every company employee the opportunity to share his or her business development ideas. Any ordinary employee or an executive can access the intranet, fill in a special form and send it to the company’s virtual brain.

Main page of the Russian version

Ideas may be diverse—rationalization, inventions, production streamlining etc. Each of them is assessed by an expert.

Frame-by-frame animation reels illustrate the intranet. Over 300 drawings were created for each of the cartoons

Russian and Polish versions of the module are currently in operation.

To learn more about the system, one has to get employed by Cadbury.

Release date: April 13 2003


art director

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Peter Knauer, Alexander Topunov and Viktor Taranov for their invaluable help in the work on the project

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