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    Caravan telecommunications company is one of the largest Russian alternative telecom operators providing hosting, Internet access, fixed-line telephony and data transmission network construction services.

    Title page

    The website features the descriptions of virtual hosting and dialup access payment plans, forms for sending applications for various services, a dictionary explaining the meanings of special terms.

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    The illustrations used at the website emphasize its information content.

    “How to find us” map

    Release date: June 11 2004


    art director and designer
    Ilya Mikhaylov
    technical director
    Andreyka Lechev
    Konstantin Morshnev
    Aleksandr Petrosyan
    Stepan Reznikov
    Yury Matrosovich
    Natalya Shper
    Oksana Klimenko
    Yury Shvetsov
    Andrey Voronkov
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